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We are the Kelly sisters!

Jessica has always been driven to learn a lot and accomplish amazing things. She always knew a little bit about everything, but when her first child was born her talents seemed to explode. To save money, she started expanding her knowledge of sewing. Then she learned all about refinishing and reupholstering furniture. She quickly began building her own furniture and now there is no project that can intimidate her....except knitting.
Family: husband {Rhett}, son {RJ}, daughters {Ellie and Izzie}

She started Running with Scissors in 2007 so her mom could see the projects she was working on. She's still making stuff.


Beginning to design and sew her own clothing in high school, art and creativity have always been Lynette's focus. At 20 she decided to start her own tailoring shop despite the fact it was 2009, the economy was in the dumpster, and her entire family told her not to.  She worked hard and had a successful business, sewing professionally 10 hours a day. She blogged a little on the side to showcase her clothing design during that time. But starting her family changed things, she sold her shop and moved on from being a business owner. As a new mom and new homeowner, she's delving into DIY and furniture building. She also recently took up boxing.
Family: husband {Drew} and baby boy {Striker}

She joined Running With Scissors in 2013.


This is our mom Sheila!
She is creative and bold, raising her children to foster creativity and to learn and try new things. She sewed outfits for us throughout our lives from play suits to prom dresses to all three daughters' wedding gowns. She's a tough lady and builds furniture and even creates stained glass art.  She's a hard worker and like most moms, has devoted her life to serving and teaching her kids.  
Family: husband {Scott}, sons {James, Herschel}, daughters {Heather, Jessica, Lynette}

Sheila's projects will pop in now and again as our Mom Feature posts!

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