Kid Project: Painting Peg People

5:00 AM

Some of my favorite projects are creating with my kids.
When they get ideas and I can make their concepts in real life it's really fun and creatively fulfilling.

RJ is getting older and more interested in making things himself.
Our girls enjoy the dollhouse I made Ellie for Christmas more as they get older, and the peg people family is one of my favorite toys I've made them.  We have male and female dolls, but I guess RJ wanted a doll that was more superhero than human...

 RJ found bare wood peg people and wanted to paint  Link....from the Legend of Zelda.
He was Link last year for Halloween.

So now he is bigger, and wanted to do it himself, I helped by penciling in the features, and he painted a Link doll and a Zelda.

Here is peg Link! 

It's a simple project, but a fun way for kids to create their own toys.
This little doll is pocket size which is nice for little boys. 

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  1. how cute! that's such a good idea, i know my kids would love this little project.

  2. I never realized how big the dollhouse is! I absolutely love it. Such a neat project!

  3. you never cease to amaze me. how is your house building going??? i mean real house, not doll house.....

  4. these are so cute! and really, RJ is a seriously talented artist. whenever you show his work it blows me away.


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