Hand-Drawn Valentines

9:53 AM

I have always loved vintage valentines. When I was fifteen, my family took a trip to Nauvoo, Illinois during the summer. All of my (50) cousins wanted to see pioneer-style musical plays and church exhibits which I just couldn't endure. So, the few days we were there, I just walked up and down the main street eating ice cream and buying antique nick-knacks like a wooden rotary telephone (it's in the barber shop now), costume jewelry, cuff links, and (my favorite) vintage valentines and post cards. 

Since I was only fifteen at the time, I'm pretty sure I wasted those beautiful valentines on silly boys. With the love day approaching though, I've decided to make a few beautiful cards to give to my true love throughout the month.

I found an amazing book at our local library filled with portraits from the 18 and 1900's that I used for inspiration. I used ink and watercolor. I like these.

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  1. These are so lovely! Well done!

  2. these are beautiful! what a talent you have.

  3. Those are really cool! What a fun change from today's valentines cards. :)


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