Saturday, February 1, 2014

2 Years Ago....

Two years ago, in February 2012 I competed in Project Run and Play with a group of awesome seamstresses.
We were season 3 and sewed up some great kid's clothes!
All 34 looks are together below to jog your memory.

Which is why I'm so excited to announce we're having a PR&P Reunion!!

Season three is back for one day!
Come back and check on Feb 10 to see what this group of talented ladies has been up to!
But it will be even better--no voting so no one goes home!
Just celebrating designing/ sewing for our kids and each other!

Here's the whole group!

Andrea from The Train to Crazy
Danielle from My Sparkle
Jessica from Sweetie Pie Bakery
Jessica from Running With Scissors

Kate from See Kate Sew
Kristin from Skirt As Top  
Stef from Girl. Inspired
Susan from Living With Punks


Heidi said...


Alida Makes said...

So fun!!!

Without Directions said...

Of fun! This was the event that got me involved in the sewing-blog community. Before then I rarely read blogs and now I follow several and blog myself.

Charity said...

Ooh, that is fun! =)

brenda o said...

great info from everyones hard work

Mandy Beyeler said...


Frances Suzanne said...

This makes me smile all over!! Counting down to February 10th!

Simple Simon and Company said...

So glad to see that you are all friends now!


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