Jonny B Good Hoodie

2:53 PM

Here's more info sewing up the Johnny B Good Hoodie.
I chose to use flannel, and RJ picked the blue stripes, which meant I needed to pay attention to the pattern matching.
It's pretty easy actually, you just have to cut the back and front pieces so the stripes line up at the side seams and at the front opening.
I used gray for contrasting shoulder patches, hood, and cuffs.
To get the gray button placket, I did alter the pattern.
It's designed in the pattern to just have the fabric fold back like a regular button down.

One thing I would change when I make it again is to make a larger hood.
I would cut at least 2 extra inches to the back curve of the head to give more room.
The hood ended right on top of his head and was more shallow than I usually prefer.   

It's been a few weeks and he's worn it quite a bit, which is surprising because he usually hates button down shirts.
I think picking out fabric makes the difference for him, and he likes the "fuzzy" feel of the flannel.


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  1. love to photos. the settings are amazing. especially the first one is great!

    1. thanks! I am partial to the colored rusted barrels myself. This is all in my mother in laws back yard. They operate a rock and mineral business, thus all the broken geodes in the one picture.

  2. great model. the extra changes you make are great to let others realize they can make modifications to make a pattern their own.

  3. These pictures are beyond adorable!!!

  4. Your little R.J. is so cute: what a character! I love the photo with the dog! Your sewing projects are always so inspiring.

  5. That first picture totally cracks me up! He is pretty awesome and the shirt is so cute! Seriously your print matching?? Even the sleeve lines up with the body flawlessly... it's amazing.

  6. I love how you switched the stripes on the pocket, what a fun detail! you are a pro boy sewer!

  7. omg that kid is the best model!


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