Pajama Trousers

3:07 PM

 My husband and I went on a trip the end of July and I made some quick pajama pants that mimic trousers to wear on the plane.
Wanted them comfortable but not to look like pajamas.

inspired by these Plano Print Pants from Anthropologie.
Plano Print Pants -

these are kind of a trial pair, they work but I'd like to try them again.

FABRIC: a linen blend in blue that kind of looks like chambray.  I liked the crosshatch of the linen and this blend doesn't wrinkle...but it ended up being stiffer than I hoped.  Thus they don't drape that well like the inspiration pants--my next attempt will be in ikat printed rayon challis.
DETAILS: they're actually elastic waist like the inspiration pair.  I think the next ones I'll do a zip fly to look more like pants.  I added small belt loops and would have liked to include welted back pockets but ran out of time.  There are darts into the waist to help shape the butt of the pants, especially considering they are elastic waisted.  Slanted front pockets.

I've been wearing them with sandals for summer, but thought they'd also work with oxfords or ballerina flats in fall.  
The hem works for flats or a little heel. 
me and crazy ellie.
her terrible-two-stage is killing me!

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  1. very cute! i keep lamenting how i don't really have much for comfy clothes, these definitely fit the bill! there's a burdastyle pattern i've been eyeing that is almost identical (tie up pants 05/2013 #117a)... may have to add them to my list after seeing your pants!

  2. I'm all for comfy. They look great.

  3. neat and comfy.
    Terrible twos while learning to share the baby girl position. Probably killing Ellie also. It actually does pass pretty quickly even though it certainly seems to last 3-4 years while going through it.Best solution we found was lots of prayer.

  4. They look cute and comfy. I think they look a lot better than the yoga pants I run around in. Great job.

  5. Love the pants-- I don't travel much these days, but I wish I'd had a pair like these in my business traveling days!


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