Laminated Buck Bag

10:53 AM

 My tote I've used every day this summer!
This tote has been awesome.
I use it as my combo purse and diaper bag pretty much every day.
When we moved to a tiny-one-stop-light town I started using a bike for all my errands and this sits on the front rack to hold all my junk.

The fabric is this awesome japanese laminated cotton: Echino Buck Stag from
This website is the only place I'm aware of where you can purchase this polka dot stag head print wearing glasses.
They carry it in the laminated cotton or canvas in four colors.
Despite being based out of Hong Kong, (I'm in the United States) I was surprised at how quickly I got the fabric.

This is the first time I've used laminated cotton and I read Amy Butler's tips which helped a lot before I got started.
I also put a piece of masking tape on the bottom of my presser foot so it wouldn't stick to the plastic of the fabric.
The bag is lined with a mustard twill and has the black color blocked pieces from canvas.

The pattern for the tote is from Anna at
I bought the pattern over a year ago and was excited to sew it up.
I think it's a great tote for all the storage it provides.
I pretty much use the three exterior pocket for my purse items--phone, keys, wallet, pens, etc.
Then the large tote is the diaper bag section in the middle.
The other exterior pocket is one big area I put papers in if I have any.
Great clear pattern, easy to sew, and has a lot of function.

The laminated cotton has been great and durable.
You can't wash it in the machine which is a bummer, but it's been a good bag as a mom!
Fabric was given to me for review from
Opinions are mine and post does not receive any other compensation other than fabric to try.

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  1. I love love it! that laminate is perfect. It's still my favorite bag, I keep using it after each different bag I make. :)

  2. Hi Jessica, your bag is too gorgeous! I also love the fun fabrics you used!Thanks for sharing!
    Have a nice week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. That bag turned out great. I may have to take a second look at anna's patterns. I have been thinking about making myself a bag too. My diaper bag is HUGE, and I need something smaller and easier since my baby is 15 months now, and I don't need to carry everything we own if we are just running to the library or the grocery store! :) I like the polka dots and the contrasting lining you used. And those glasses are super cool!

  4. thanks for including the shot with your carrying the bag. I had a much better idea about how large it is.
    is your location close for making "shopping trips" or will you be doing a lot of online shopping? Are the children aware of the quieter pace their lives have in your one traffic light town? Is this location a place both of you were really familiar with or you and the kids are getting to know Daddy's initial home ?? Lots of cousins etc ??? sounds exciting.

    1. We moved to my husband's hometown, so we know it well and have lots of family and cousins. There will definitely be more online shopping and the occasional "going to town" trips for things you can't buy online. I don't think the kids notice too much difference in their lives other than the cousins and the fact they ride in a bike everywhere rather than a car, but so far they love that.

  5. Love this fabric! Very cool! An the bag is pretty cool too! I love modes4u! Their fabric is awesome!

  6. Your bag is so cute! I did the Go Anywhere earlier this year - ended up putting in a zipper in the big pocket so my iPad was more secure. I love the look of the color blocking though.

  7. Love this bag pattern, I've made one for my mom and for myself. I am glad to see you are adjusting well to small town Utah!


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