Faux Apothecary for the Waiting Room

10:27 AM

From the beginning, my husband and I thought it would be nice to have a
console or sofa table divide the waiting room from the entrance a little.
But the waiting room is small, so the table had to be less than 43" wide--meaning I had to build something.

There is a weird chunk of wall that juts out, so I designed the table to be 9.5" deep, to line up with the wall.
It's made with pine, plywood, and 1/8" hardboard on the front.
The back faced the waiting room so I thought it could serve as a bookshelf for the kid corner.
Legs are 2x2s.
 I hollowed a corner out with a dado cut 3/4" tall on the table saw.
They just wrap around the box of the shelf. 

I finished the table using primer and the leftover purple paint they chose as an accent color.
The top was stained with Minwax Provincial.

I decided to apply a faux apothecary front, so I cut 6" square MDF blocks (1/2" thick).
I had tiny knobs from Ikea and just glued them on with epoxy then painted them. 

Using wood glue and weight, I just glued the fake drawers on the front of the table. 


Because the table is only 9.5" deep, I did use corner braces to screw it into the wall for security.

You can see here how skinny it is, and how it becomes the bookshelf on the other side. 

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  1. Of course you HAD to build something-- you are amazing!

  2. This is brilliant! Way to go!

  3. Is there anything you cannot do ? If I ever sewed a single piece like the Moscow coat, I'd be over the moon. But yesterday's painting and today's table - I am awestruck , speechless and dumbfounded ! And with a baby to boot!

    1. Thanks, I had coaching on the coat big time with my little sister. And my husband had a few weeks off between graduation and work starting to watch kids while I made all this stuff. He's back to work and the productivity plummeted!

    2. I keep coming back to your blog often to see whether you have any new posts :) - You are seriously talented .And your mom too. See if you can persuade your mom to post some quilting/sewing/carpentry tips for those days you don't have anything new out on the blog. Her airplane quilt and that tinker bell quilt were to die for. BTW, I voted for you every time on PRP and SYTYC. Way to go Jessica , you are an inspiration to all of us !!

  4. I love the fake apothecary look! Sometimes it's better to build so you get exactly what you want

  5. Love that you just MADE what you needed.... and it looks amazing.

  6. Wow, impressive. Looks very very nice!

  7. Seriously, someone get this gal the super mom award! I have NO kids and don't accomplish this much :)

  8. This is amazing, you are amazing! Tx

  9. really... you know we love you Jessica! You really truly are amazing :) Big congratulations to all of you all in on starting this new venture. Best of luck!

  10. I love how you did the faux apothecary look. And I love how it pairs as a book shelf on the other side! Fantastic!

  11. Stop. You're just too awesome.


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