Clearance Skinny Jeans Refashion

11:34 PM

A few weeks ago I bought some skinny kick jeans at the Gap outlet for $8.00.
The skinny kick style is weird, a skinny jean with a sudden flare at the bottom.
These were especially weird on me because with the flare-- the long size is still too short.
So I basically took out the flare to have regular skinny jeans for only $9.00.
The steps are pretty much the same as these, except I had to take out both sides due to minimizing a flare.

I also had to take darts out of the waistband (under the belt-loops) on the back so I don't get the gap in the back.  

These still may need a little tweaking, seeing them in pictures makes me think they could still come in a little at the ankle.
Anyway, ome times it's nice to sew so you can salvage clearance finds!

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  1. You look fantastic - I'm loving your new jeans. Actually I'm coveting your red sandals ....
    Is there also a "bootleg" jean? I haven't heard of a kick - thing but, then again, i'm not so hip these days. (perhaps ever).

  2. Hey,
    nice outfit. I like this jeans.

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