Simple Blouse Week Day 4: Pintucks

4:00 AM

There have been a few comments about a pattern, and it seems like enough interest I am going to make a pattern for this blouse.
I'm not giving a date as I hope it would be sooner than later, but our family has some big changes in the next months with selling our home, moving, and my husband starting a new job.
It would be ideal to get it done before I have to pack up my sewing room!

Day 4: Pintucks!

This blouse is made with a thick chiffon-like fabric.
I bought it thinking it was chiffon and would need to be lined, but when I was cutting it out I realized it was thick enough to kill any lining and had the soft, flowy drape.
I wish I could remember what exactly its content is or where/ when I bought it.

So the variation on this blouse are the pintucks on the center front.
Pintucks are really easy to add.  When you cut the front piece on the fold, you just add however much extra you'd like pintucked.  I added 2" on the fold which required enough pintucks to pull in the blouse 4 inches total.
I sprayed the front piece with starch and ironed it in a few times to help make it stiff and minimize the drape/ shifting.
Next I drew the vertical lines starting with the center front and drawing them 1/2" apart.
You fold the fabric on a line and carefully sew (in this case) a 1/8" seam all the way down, then fold on the next chalked line, etc all the way across.  Each tuck takes a 1/4" out of the blouse.
Once the pintucks have brought the blouse back to the correct width, you finish the blouse the same as a regular one.
This one for some reason ended up too big, so I need to alter it for a better fit.
I love the lightweight fabric which is breezy and will be cool in the heat of summer, and the fact it was thick and opaque enough to eliminate a lining! 

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  1. Were the asymmetrical pintucks (6 on one side, 5 on the other) a choice?

    1. yep, because one is the center front, there is an odd number of tucks and I chose to iron them out from the center, meaning the center would have to go one way or the other.

  2. Another good project. It looks very nice on you Jessica!

  3. This looks great & I love the color! The pintucks are such a nice detail that you can wear casual or dress it up, and I agree it looks very nice on you too.

  4. Love this series. Thanks for sharing and giving us such inspiration! Keep up the good work!

  5. oh dear I guess I will just call this a runnerup since I already said yesterday's was my favorite. I think the way this fits is really flattering. I hope you are going to have some really good help with your packing etc. will your hsb have some time between jobs to be helpful??

    1. oh thanks! Unfortunately I won't really have any help with the move. My husband has to stay here another month after we close on the house to work 4 more weeks and he doesn't have enough time off to go with the move. Luckily the new job has a moving incentive to pay for movers. So I'll pack it all up and be there for the moving truck to arrive and he'll join us a month later. We were trying to figure out what's worse, living homeless while working an entire month or moving solo with three little kids.

  6. Oooh, pretty! I love grey, and this fabric looks incredibly soft and comfortable. Love the pintucks too. =)

  7. This one is my favorite so far~ So very pretty on you!

  8. I'd like to jump on the pattern request bandwagon! This version is my favorite, hands down, but I'd sew up a placket version, too.

    Good luck with your move!


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