More Pajamas and curtains from a sheet

11:39 PM

I made some quick pajamas for my niece who's even taller than I am at 6' tall.
For some reason, there are never long pajamas (at least that I've seen).
She's taller but I'm bigger, so I couldn't throw them on to model them however.

It has a waistband with elastic and shirring on the back half.
Check out Anna wearing her cute ones from cotton voile.  
They have a really cute fit for pajamas. 

The only other sewing I've done lately was to make new curtains for my kids room.
I used a white flat sheet that had striped texture.  It was only $2 from the thrift store.
I used the wide decorative cuff that goes at the head of the bed for the bottom of the curtains.
Then just a simple valance to go across the top.

We're putting our house on the market to try to sell next week.
So I've been packing up a bunch of things I won't need between now and our move, de-junking, organizing and deep cleaning.
It's been a drag, especially with my kids running around making messes in areas I'm not working on.
Selling our house hasn't even started and it's kind of stressing me out.
So here's my MLS photo of the drapes in the kids room.

I had to pack up half my fabric stash to make the sewing room presentable.
In the process of going through all my fabric there was a shocking mass I'd totally forgotten about.
So now I have a whole stack of inspiration from the forgotten fabric but need to keep cleaning/ organizing, etc.

But here's my question:
What are your methods to store your fabric?
I have the cubbies for smaller pieces 1 yard or less on the wall, but the folded stacks just don't work very well for me.
Like clothes, you only wear what you can see.
I only sew with what I can see and so much got lost in the piles.

So if you have any ideas on how to store fabric that's a few or more yards in size, I could use some tips! 

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  1. Moving with kids is crazy eh? We've been trying to sell hours since last fall when I was still pregnant, no go yet, but its soo hard to declutter and make it tidy for showings! Good luck I hope it moves quick for you! Ohh and I'd love too see ideas for storing bigger chunks if fabric too! I have cubbies (inspired by yours! For the small bits but he big ones live in bins.... Hoping for lots of space in our new house to store it differently! Maybe just some bigger shelves!

  2. I saw an idea where you use a long skinny bin, drawer, etc. and fold up the fabric and store it in zip-lock bags which makes it easier to slide in and out of place. Haven't tried it yet, but may give it a shot.

  3. I have a small walk in closet packed with bins that I store my fabric in. I have it organized by type--like denim, knits, corduroys, fleece, flannel, etc, and then the main part of my stash (which is cotton and cotton/poly) organized by color. So if I want something in a specific color, I pull out the bin and go through it. It's not perfect, but it's much better than my old cram-it-in-the-closet-in-plastic-bags-and-pray-I'll-be-able-to-find-it-later system!

  4. I buy the 5 tiered pants hangers and hang my larger yardage fabrics on them. It is easy to see each fabric and they are easy to get to without having to dig through bins.

  5. I've made myself something like this ( from metal hangers and something from ikea. It sits under my shirts in my closet. I'm like you; I had all my fabric folded up, and I kept forgetting what I had. Now I can see it all at once and I don't spend as much money on fabric anymore!

  6. I use plastic hangers in my closet. The yardage folds over the hangers. If you have a lot of fabric, those pants hangers work well...the ones with the 4-5 levels for hanging multiple pants.

  7. I used cardboard banker's boxes and organize the fabric by type: bottomweights, silky prints, knits, flannel, cottons, fleece, etc. It's not perfect but at least I know where to find things because I have a stash. But I'm a visual person so I love to see all of it too, or else I also forget about what I have. My favorite box is the miscellaneous box, because all sorts of stuff gets put in there and I always get inspired when I look through it!

  8. I make mini-bolts that I fold onto those comic book boards, you can find pics of them all over Pinterest if you search for "mini bolt." Then I just put them in the closet.

  9. Oh I don't envy you putting your house on the market .... I'll be thinking of you :)
    Hmmm - I have the same problem with fabric storage. 8 big tubs under my bed just does not cut it. I forget stuff all the time... I like the idea of mini bolts... might have to rethink my storage too.

  10. I don't have any ideas for you...I only have about a yard or less of all my fabric! I use the mini bolts as well (I made them from comic storage boards) but I don't know how many yards they could hold. The blog Smashed peas and carrots was where I got my idea from.

  11. I like the idea of storing the actual fabric on the 4-5 level pants hangers. (I use them for my scarves.)

    Take a picture of the fabric when you bring it home. Put the picture in a binder, virtual or real, and then you have something to easily flip through when thinking of projects. Easier than the actual fabric. If you wanted, and had time, you could even write the details of length, fabric content, and project ideas for that fabric, but that may be too much effort.

  12. I don't have a storing idea but as for forgetting that you have the fabrics you can't see, you can cut small pieces of each fabric and make something like a scrapbook that you can browse when you have a new project in mind this way you won't forget the fabrics you have no matter how you store them

    1. That is a really good idea to catalog them. Much better than pulling everything out all the time!

  13. No fabric storage ideas from this craftily challenged non-fabric hoarding friend, BUT your house looks great!

  14. Good luck on selling your home! I'm one of the few that loves packing up and moving occasionally. I don't know why! I read all the comments, hoping to find the Ah ha! solution to fabric storage. Like everyone else, I have too much fabric! I need free (or almost free) ideas!

  15. I loved this idea for storing fabric - She hangs them on file folders and then hangs the folders in the cabinet. So you open the drawer(s), see all the fabric and don't have to dig anything out from the bottom of a pile. Super easy! You could even hang the folders across boxes that are the right size if you don't have a cabinet. So I really need to get some folders!

  16. I do the comic board mini bolt storage on a book shelf's organized and totally inspiring, because I can look at my fabric all day long.


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