Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Blanket: Satin and Minky

Thank you all so much for your well wishes on the baby!  
It was overwhelming to read all the kind comments and I really appreciate it.
She is two weeks old now and my mom has left and things are still going alright, although we have had our moments adjusting.  
RJ's done well and loves the new sister:

Sometimes Ellie's not so sure:
But both are kind of de-toxing from having so much fun with Grandma.
She probably needs a few days from recovering physically from playing so much with my kids!

I'm trying to get in a semi-routine. 
Three kids is definitely an adjustment--for some reason loading three in the car seems much more of a pain than just two!

But on to the project!
 Yesterday I found a few minutes to finish a blanket I'd sewn but hadn't bound during RJ's preschool and Ellie's nap.

I made basically the same blanket for Ellaria, but hers is turquoise.
The blankets are really simple, just a piece of satin backed with minky and bound.
I don't sew or quilt across it, which makes it kind of a pain to line the sides up as satin is slippery and the minky has quite a bit of stretch, so sometimes they end up not completely even and there's a little satin "sag" on this red one.

 Both blankets have an applique initial in the corner.
This time around I used white canvas for the "i" and sewed it to the minky solid side, as the satin was polka dots for Isabella.

Ellie loves hers and has been dragging around this one lately as well.
For kids having the silky satin and soft minky seems pretty cozy.

This red one was quite a bit bigger than the blue one.
Easy to make!
1.5 yards each of the satin and minky
1. Layer both fabrics and trim to make equal the best you can
2. Sew on applique if desired
3. Serge or baste around four sides to keep together.
4. Use 2" double fold bias tape (I made my own using this gadget) and bind edges

These would make great gifts, easy to sew and could customize the initial!


Kandice said...

Ah, that baby is so beautiful! Oh, the blankie is gorgeous too. :-) Her hair is to die for!

moofy said...

I love this! Is the Minky the soft "feel good" fabric? I think they have it in a "bubble" or "bump" pattern. I was at Jo-Anns Fabric 2 days ago, and they had what they call the soft cuddle fabric. I believe that is the same thing. Do you happen to have instructions for a burp cloth, using flannel on one side, and either soft terry or Minky on the other side? I don't like to sew, but I thought this would be a great place to start. Thanks for sharing, and I love all the pics you posted, such a beautiful and blessed family <3

moofy said...

One more, can you iron on the applique? or --


brenda head said...

Rj winking at the camera too cute.what a big brother!! I guess elle will get to know her sister better one on one when rj is at school he may be more difficult to share. Family group photo great.I think I had a mother like yours and what a treasure that kind of nanny they are..

Jessica said...

Yes, the "minky" is that artificial soft cuddle fabric. There's lots of different textures like the dots, rose swirl, etc. This red was just the plain texture from joanns.

Jessica said...

It's great to have a mom that is such a fun grandma. She was so fun it makes me seem super lame to my kids now!!

Mandy Beyeler said...

she makes that blanket look HUGE - and super cute!

Katrine said...

The blanket is adorable! But it's really hard to focus on it with that beautiful baby laying on top!

Rhiannon said...

i'm sorry, i'm sure the blanket looks great, but all i see is super cute baby! well done you and your hubs! hope you're spending lots of time enjoying her :)

Jessica said...

It is a little big to be considered a "baby" blanket, it ended up being around 60x60 so I guess she'll be able to use it for quite a while before she grows out of it!

Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE said...

Oh, sleeping baby pictures! Sigh! So sweet.
My middle child loves her satin and minky blanket so much that a) it is absolutely nasty now. and b) she will not sleep with any other blankets. Hers is baby sized so that really stinks, it barely covers her now that she is two but even when Papa bought her a new blanket that she was so excited about, she refused to use it and got mad! Not even along with the other blanket. Sigh. Hoping she likes the quilt I'm making her, and if not, I'll try making a bigger satin and minky one and see if she takes to it!

Palak said...

Congratulations--- she's just amazingly gorgeous!

Kristie said...

She is gorgeous! And her blanket is adorable. Thanks for sharing the how to. I have a couple of cousins having babies soon, so this will be a great gift!

kristin said...

Aw look at those three! So cute; love RJ with her and Ellie's face is precious too, hahaha! Adorable blanket; minky and satin are my two least favorite fabrics to sew but they do make one soft blanket!!

Thoeria said...

Your kids are beautiful :)

Kirsteen Murray said...

As, so gorgeous! I missed your baby announcement post so congratulations !! Enjoy every minute with your precious newborn!

Truly Myrtle said...

You clever thing - and your blanket is clever too :) She is beautiful!

Charity said...

Aww, Isabella looks so sweet and fuzzy and tiny that I can hardly see the blanket. What I do see of it is lovely and looks so comfortable with the minky and satin. =)

Corinnea said...

You have such a sweet family! That baby is darling! Interesting.... my daughter's name is Jessica and my 8 month old granddaughter is Isabella.

The Wilkins' said...

Oh my goodness, she is beautiful, Jess! So happy for you guys! I'm glad you are surviving post-Mom help. Enjoy that sweet baby! PS Love the blanket!

Tanja @ beauty4ashes said...

That is a grandmother's job description!

Hi, by the way! I'm Tanja. Been lurking for a little while, but never commented before.

Scary said...

So soft and sweet. My little girl (just turned 1) loves everything Minky. She assumes anything Minky is hers.

kimmyd said...

Does this hold up okay in the wash since it isn't stitched together? I've never used the binding tape but my sister in law is pregnant and I'd love to send them one of these for the baby and their 2 yr old. Yours look beautiful and I love the size. Even considering making one as a throw for the end of my bed. Lol

Jessica said...

I have more experience with the blue one obviously as it's been used longer. But the blue one is Ellie's blanket she sleeps with every night and carries around the house most days. I don't let her take it to the store or anything, so it stays in the house, but it's lasted all this time. I wondered how the satin would stand the abuse of time, but so far two years in has held up to daily use and many washings!


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