Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Wall Decor from the Junk Drawer: Mom Feature

Another project from my mom.
She made a few of these Christmas Tree wall hangings for us from a load of junk jewelry.

She bought basic canvases and hot glued fabric around them for a darker background.
Then used hot glue to attach all the jewelry.
There are quite a few broaches, like the tree topper. 

It's fun to see the different objects hidden in there, like the "J" she did for me that must have been a charm or something.  
You can also see she outlined the tree with a chain.

Mine is mostly silver and red, with touches of blue to match the rest of our holiday decor at my house.
Notice another charm with the fish? 

A unique, cheap, glam tree.
So now you can raid granny's jewelry junk box for a tree of your own!


Bruce Russell said...

Your mom is dang cool. She has the best ideas!

Natalie said...

That is awesome!! Go Sheila!

Erin said...

Cool, and yet another reason to frequent the thrift/antique store!

pinksuedeshoe said...

That's so pretty! But I would probably wear 80% of that junk jewelry... I am such a granny sometimes :)

Val , Kate, The Cute Kitten ,Razzy, Kepsey,Darwin ,Charon and Echo. said...

That is a lovely idea :0)

Mrs. Schock said...

It's sooooo pretty!

Michelle Smith said...

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