Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gru and Minion Halloween Costume

Part two of our Halloween Costumes even though Halloween is now over.
So for the kids we had Gru and a minion from the movie Despicable Me.

So for RJ we had him be Gru, and it's not that much of a costume.
Just black pants and t-shirt we already had with is church shoes.
But we did make the scarf by dying a navy/white stripe knit I had black.
He did have his ghost costume he wore to some things as well that is a little more exciting on its own.

RJ is a very protective older brother which transfers to a controlling master over his minion, which she resents from time to time.

On to the minion.
RJ decided she should be a one-eye minion, and I designed the costume so the mouth was her face.
I hacked this minion costume together last Friday during her nap barely in time for a party that afternoon.  We got to the house and RJ had to help me force Ellie into the costume, all the while she was crying.  I was laughing, and considering what a ridiculous mom I am shoving a toddler in a costume while she wails, and here's the picture we got.
But once we got in there she got lots of attention and candy and seemed not to mind the costume.
One little boy came up to her and said: "oh how cute, a Cheeto man!"

The other occasions she had to put on the costume, she didn't cry but I think realized it meant candy was soon to come. 

As for the costume construction, it's basically a yellow hooded t-shirt sewn under a yellow rounded cone with arm holes, stuffing between the two layers.
Then I made the pants and top stitched them to the head.
To get in and out, there's a zipper from the top of her head down to her bum.  I only had a long pink zipper on hand and just used it exposed.
  The eye goggles on the front were from felt and a mason jar ring I painted silver.
The goggles strap is black elastic I sewed the to outer layer before it was stuffed.

The hair is black embroidery floss knotted through the top like you would sew when you tie a quilt.
I've been readjusting the stuffing every time she wears it, and haven't got it where it's both even and standing straight up.  But it worked, kept her warm, and was a fun costume.
 Happy Halloween!


  1. Love it! I went the easy route for a minion last year as I was only a couple weeks post-partum:

    Daddy went as Gru.

  2. I love your kids more than anything Jess.

  3. terrific!!i think your kids are so lucky to have you for a Mommy. RJ is already looking like a professional model and Elle seems to be making the transition rather quickly. You are all so friendly and adorable looking and the previous pix with your whole family were great too. Your hsb always looks so proud.

  4. you did a fantastic job (as always)!
    Brilliant. I love how plush your daughter looks! LOL

  5. The minion outfit is adorable!! How creative!! I think I want to make the same for my son and daughter this year, but am wondering, you said the head was a cone? What kind of cone (and where could I buy it)? I am not nearly as creative or handy as you so this will be a challenge :o) Thanks for any information!!!

  6. Sorry forgot my email=


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