Friday, April 20, 2012

Pleat Week

Today I'm over at See Kate Sew sharing a tutorial  for this ombre pleated pillow cover!
Kate's been hosting Ruffle Month, and threw in one week of pleats!

It's the same technique I used on Ellie's champagne dress, but using straight sections and contrasting colored pleats with additional texture top-stitching.

While you're over there you can browse all the ruffles projects going on all month!


Truly Myrtle said...

love the texture - wouldn't it look amazing in silk too?!

Kristie said...

Love! So cute. Now if I only had solid colored couches, this pillow would be perfect!

lilndmama said...

That pillow is beautiful! I love the colors!

I'm Feelin' Crafty said...

I love the pillow too! It's beautiful!

kate said...

Thanks again for guest posting! I love your pleats!


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