Monday, April 11, 2011

Reader Projects: Hipster Hoodies!

Check out these cute hipster hoodies made by readers:

I love the black and white stripe with the contrasting red button!
Check out her new blog Creative Concoctions

This one used upcycled thrifted t-shirts, featuring the prints.
On the back it reads:
"STEVEN'S Bar Mitzvah, December 12, 1999"
I loved that cool detail, along with the text on the front panels, graphic on the belly pocket, and two-tone hood. 

So many fun variations to be creative.
Thanks for sharing your hoodies in the flickr pool


  1. That girl is so cute in that hoodies. I want to get one of it and I will give it to my daughter. I know that she will like it too and she will look so beautiful wearing that.



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