Monday, February 14, 2011

Basket Liners

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I found this basket for $1.50 at the thrift store.  It was sturdy, but the fabric was used and gross looking.

So I just sewed a new fabric basket liner, and it took less than 15 minutes.

Making Basket Liners
1. Cut up old liner to use as pattern
You could also measure your basket to create pieces if you don't have or want to cut up the old liner.  Just remember to add seam allowances.

2. Use old pieces as pattern to cut out fabric.
You want to add seam allowances to your new pieces--1/4 to 1/2" or so.
**I didn't have enough dot fabric, so had to add that red middle stripe.

3. Sew pieces together.
Starting at one side of square end piece, sew down the side, across the bottom, then up the other side.
Repeat on opposite end. 
Then you'll have the rectangular box shape.

4. Hem top edge
I serged around the top, but you could always zigzag.  Then I just folded it down 1/4" once and top-stitched the hem.

Just plop it in your basket and fold the top edge down and you're finished!
This little guy is going in the changing table to hold diapers.


Val said...

Excellent Job! I think the red panel makes it :0)

MeenyMoe said...

Great job! Wish I sewed! I want to see the cute room you put that in! :) - Karen

Lauren @ YoungNester said...

Great tutorial! Thank you!

Pam said...

I like it. Very cute. Can you tell us where you got the red dot fabric? Sooo pretty! Thanks, Pam

casserole said...

Love the new liner! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


SugarBeans said...

I made a new liner and then also made a "cushion" to fit inside. Used the same two fabrics so the cushion was reversable. Just filled the cushion with 1/2 inch padding. Then I filled the basket with sewing kit for my daughter's birthday! Nancy

kikiverde said...

Thanks so much for the great tutorial! I've been meaning to make a new liner for our tv remove basket and this tutorial will definitely help!

kikiverde said...

Thanks so much for the great tutorial! I've been meaning to make a new liner for our tv remove basket and this tutorial will definitely help!

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Great tutorial, your basket looks much nicer after it's update!

~The Bargain Babe said...

love the cheerful new liner!

Cheryl said...

this is great, I own lots of Longaberger baskets that need new liners, I will try making some!

Margaret said...

I have several baskets in need of new liners, thanks for sharing.

John Mc said...

Do like this step by step information. Can get the job done without all the mistakes of figuring my own. Thank you!

Click and Craft said...

Hello, great tutorial! My sister sent this link to me as she and I both enjoy a bit of sewing on the side :)

Looks lovely in red too.

Seth G.Taylor said...

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Ana Lopes said...

Hello Jessica,

That's so cute! Thanks for sharing tutorial. I love your very well organized blog, I'm your follower now :).
Have a look at my blog I'll be glad.

Hugs from Portugal
Ana Love Craft.

Stacey said...

Thanks to your pics I actually figured this out to line 4 baskets I made from cardboard boxes! I couldnt wrap my head around it until I saw your pieces laid out!!Thank you!!!

Jane said...

you could always glue it with either the tape stuff you have to iron on or fabric glue just make sure its washable if you ever want to launder it

225f0868-844f-11e3-ab7b-000bcdcb2996 said...

Hi, what is the width top and bottom of the end pieces? They flair out but not sure how to proportion the lengths....

C.S. Weaver said...

Just picked up a huge "moses" basket that I want to store yarn in but I want the yarn more protected from dust and such, so I'm going to take this tutorial and adapt it into a drawstring liner. Thanks for the inspiration!


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