Friday, January 21, 2011

Minky Baby Blanket

This is a quick, easy baby blanket.
The fabric makes it in this case, because there's not much skill involved as far as quilts go.
It's just 2 pieces of fabric sewn together, then bound so I didn't use any batting between the layers.
I found minky and flannel backed satin on sale, so one side is super soft, then the other is silky. 

This is for our baby girl that is due in a few weeks.  We're naming her Ellaria, and so the "e" is her first initial.
I used fusible webbing to iron it the satin side of the blanket.  I top-stitched the edges in turquoise.

I just bought one yard of the minky, but it was 60" wide, so I got 1.5 yards of the satin.  So this blankie is a little bigger, 1 yard x 1.5 yards.

Already our 2 year old son has been dragging it around, and took his shirt off to wrap the satin around his back.  So it was a hit with him, even though I kept telling him it was for baby Ellie and he was just borrowing it.


  1. Very cool minkie fabric. Love the swirls. I'll have to look closer when I am looking for fabric next time. Love it!

  2. That looks very *soft*. Baby and momma are going to be very snuggly in that I am sure!

  3. You are such a rockstar. I love this blog so much!! You are so incredibly creative and talented! I can't wait to see your house. (Hoping to come by when we're visiting bobby's mom in June.) I am totally inviting myself over.

  4. OK that looks so pretty, but I need help. I've been working on my first quilt with minke and I am hating how it is going. It is stretchy and slippery, and I've gotten weird pulling as a quilted, do you have any tips for sewing with it? Maybe I shouldn't have tried to actually quilt the layers? Any help? Yours looks so lovely.

  5. Hi there! I'm visiting from Beckie's blog and I love this quilt idea! I want to make one for my friend but I am very much a novice when it comes to sewing. Do you have a step-by-step tutorial for this?


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