Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fitted Simple Tablecloth

We've had our dining set in storage the last 4 years..
I've been planning to make a tablecloth for over a year, ever since I found black and white damask print oil cloth on sale for $1.50 per yard.  I bought 4 yards last fall, and was excited to put it to use.
You can find tablecloth vinyl or oil cloth in fabric stores, but the prints are usually pretty scarce, a lot of ants/ picnic or red/white checks.  You can find a bigger variety of prints online.
It's nice that the tablecloth is fitted, so it doesn't slide around and it saved fabric.
It will be nice to have a wipeable tablecloth to try to protect the wood table, now that a toddler is using it too.

amounts depend on your table
tablecloth vinyl/ oil cloth (I used 2 yards for mine)
double-wide bias tape (I used 2 (3yd) packages)

1. Cut Fabric
First you'll need to measure your table top.  Add 1.5" to each side for seam allowances.
Cut a square for the table top, it should hang off each side 3/4" at this point.
Cut the sides of the tablecloth, by cutting strips which you'll be connecting .
I made mine 6" wide, and the width of the fabric.  Using your measurements, determine how many strips you'll need to go around the perimeter of the table. 
I needed 4 strips 6" wide.


I've been taking a break from house projects.  My two 12-year-old nieces are visiting for the week and we've been busy...making Halloween costumes.  Here's a sneak peek:
It's been fun to switch things up a bit with a little sewing.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Skirt

My two nieces are here for the week, and one niece forgot a skirt for church.  So Saturday night we whipped up a quick A-line skirt.
Elastic waist, just the 2 side seams, and we added 1" pink grosgrain ribbon along the hem.
I think she liked it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How To Paint Your Mantle

From the beginning, I wanted to paint the mantle.  For the same reasons I wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets.  But as we were planning everything, my husband said he didn't think we should just paint over an oak mantle.
{I actually don't think it's oak}

So I put it on the back burner and told him to think about it.  Once all the kitchen cabinets, doors, and trim in the house were white, he saw the light and told me Sunday, he would let me paint it afterall.  I was excited and jumped on it.

So here's the BEFORE when we moved in with the yellow walls:
The process was pretty much the same as painting your kitchen cabinets, so you can click there for more detailed info.

But quickly:
I used a trim roller and brush for this project.
1. Clean and tape off carefully
2.  Prime with oil based primer
3. Paint 2 coats latex paint--semi-gloss
I used Behr Popped Corn
4. Allow to dry at least overnight before using

Now to figure out what to put on it.  The mirror is has to go there.  Although right now it's hung on the wall, and it fills the space between the mantle and ceiling.  I've thought about actually sitting right on the mantle, (obviously I'd have to secure it to the wall so it wouldn't fall off)
 I'm new to decorating, so if you have any good ideas, or links to mantles that are great, I'd appreciate tips!
I think my style would be more rustic than modern.  I'm actually still trying to figure out my style so I don't really know.  I mainly have specific items I really love, not necessarily a total themed style.
I really don't know anything about interior design, so I'm just kind of winging it.
But anyway, I love the new mantle and I can't wait until Christmas time to turn on the fireplace to make it feel cozy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Painting A Mirror

I bought this mirror over a year ago at a clearance tent sale for $10.00
I never liked the gold, so it needed a new paint job.
1. Tape paper over glass and to the edges.
2. Spray a coat of primer
3. Spray 2 coats of your paint of choice
{I went with nickel}

Let dry and it's a new mirror!

I swirled the reflection, it's not a carnival mirror.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Movie Drawers

Another thrift store upgrade.
For years, I've been looking for metal card holders.  I saw them in a magazine used as a console table once, kind of like an industrial apothecary table or something. 

So when I saw these in our local thrift store, I bought them, not entirely sure what I'd use them for.  The big one was $5.00 and the little green was $3.00.

So I was delighted to find VHS fit in the little one on their backs length wise, and DVDs fit perfectly in the large one.  New storage for all the kid movies that are spread all over!

So the same process as a lot of other little spray paint make overs.
1. Remove hardware
2. Spray a coat of primer
3. 2 coats spray paint
I chose Stain White for the boxes, and Oil Rubbed Bronze for the hardware.

This font is Bleeding Cowboys from

I had been looking at other storage boxes, and found simple photo boxes started at $5.00, and they're made out of cardboard!  So I felt these metal guys that ended up being less were a great option.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bulletin Board

Just a quick little thrift store make over.  I wanted a little bulletin board to hold all our grocery lists, coupons, mini calendar in the kitchen because it's a pet peeve of mine to have crap all over the fridge.  I do have papers and reminders, and it just bugs me, so hopefully some of it can move over here on the board.

I bought this...thing for $1.00 at a thrift store.

I think it was supposed to be a calendar holder.

I needed a bulletin board for the kitchen, so I thought this would work.
I got a roll of cork at the craft store.
I realized the cork is really thin and not wide enough for the frame.
So I cut a layer of cardboard to go in first, so the push pins would have something to stick in under the cork.

Then I painted the frame a brighter red just with acrylic craft paint.
To attach the cork, I trimmed it to fit the frame, and then used hot glue to attach it to my cardboard.
*You can see I had to paint the sides on the cardboard where the cork wasn't wide enough.

I had a picture hanger I nailed on the back and hung it on the wall.
Not that fancy or creative, but a simple upgrade to help organize.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Storage Box

I'm trying to get things organized in my craft room.  I've been looking at storage containers, and totes and baskets just seem so pricey.  So I remembered this tutorial from Make It and Love It where she made boxes and covered them with fabric.

I didn't make the box, just used one that I already had.

I folded the sides in and stapled them down.

scraps of fabric (in my case a scrap from the chair cushions and an old t-shirt)
Mod Podge or Elmer's Glue
scissors to trim

1. Slab a layer of glue on one side.
Drape your fabric over, and rub it smooth.
Trim off the excess fabric.
Repeat on the other side.

3. I trimmed the scrap for the front the width of the box so it would have nice edges.
Then just painted the layer of glue and added the fabric, folding it under and up over the edge.

I am storing my ribbon in the box.  So the outside looks nice, and inside it's white trash.
So the box was covered, and needed a little something, so I added a simple label.
So pretty easy way to make a plain box look nice for storage, and in this case it actually matches the chair.

Some other ideas:
screwing on an actual drawer handle through the cardboard
cutting the handle like Ashley at Make It and Love It

2 Things He Loves Right Now

airplanes and the moon.
Just used freezer paper for the stenciling and white fabric paint on plain shirts he had in his drawer.
Found the airplane clip art to print on google images.
He chose the airplane for today.

How To Find Time For Projects

People have asked in comments how I get so many projects accomplished having a little kid. 
So this post is dedicated to tips on finding time for projects, since everyone is busy.

I have to admit I get way more projects done since I've been a stay at home mom.  Keep in mind, I also only have 1 kid and he's two, so more hands free than having infants.
Actually, working full time was really hard for me to balance everything and have time for anything creative.  I painted signs as a little side business and when I got busy painting, my house became an absolute wreck until all the orders were finished.
So if you're a mom and work, you are busy!

I'm not a perfect mom, my house isn't always spotless.  I've had days where I've been sewing or something and look down and my kid has been in a poopy diaper and I'm not sure exactly how long.  These are the days when I realize I need to re-prioritize and put the important things first, and make sure creative outlets are in the "hobby" category because I get really excited and crafts and projects could easily take over.  So I feel like I'm starting to find balance, and here's some things that have helped me.  But I'm also still looking for any tips you may have also!

Hopefully my tips could help anyone a little...or maybe you'll just conclude I'm crazy.

I really have to treat myself like a 2 year old when it comes to projects.  If I don't make myself "earn" project time, it can consume my life and while I love creating, it can cause neglect to my family and my house.
Some things during the day I try to not let my project addiction interfere with:
-making dinner
-keep a clean (or at least tidy) house
-trying to be an involved, fun, mom and wife
So to balance this, I make myself fulfill the more important tasks before the fun creative project.
For example, my biggest work times are nap and after my son goes to sleep.
So at night, I force myself to get the kitchen totally clean before I begin working.
Also with nap time, I make sure I first read a while before I craft.  I'm religious so it's usually when I study that.

**Probably will explain why my blog is titled: Running With Scissors**

Some projects require you to be isolated and just work.  A lot of times sewing is this way for me, thus much of my sewing is done late into the night so I can just sit and focus.
But so many projects can be done in stages, 2 min. here, another 5 minutes there. 

If you're the kind of person that has to start and finish a project in one sitting, this may be uncomfortable to just leave projects hanging, but you can get a lot done this way I've found.  It is hard to ever get hours of free time, but you'll have 5 minutes here, 20 minutes there.
For example, while working on these lamps, they were sitting in my garage.  It took over a week to get them done.  I'd take out the trash, and stay an extra 2-3 min and spray paint the primer.
The next day when I'd run out there, I'd spray the next coat.
So they'd just sit and get worked on here and there, according to the rate we accumulated trash until they were finished.
Recovering the shades had to wait until I had a night after bed time to dedicate to that.

So lately I have about 10 little projects in different stages, and I work on them a few minutes here, a few minutes there. 
Tonight: I have my drapes in the wash before I finish sewing them, a bulletin board drying in the garage, freezer paper shirts waiting to be ironed and sealed, oil cloth folded on a shelf in my dining room to be cut to sew a table cloth, and VHS/ DVD drawers primed in the garage waiting for paint, and a covered storage box drying but finished.

I quite literally run around sneaking in a coat of paint here, a measure and cut there, all the time.  I always have a few projects going because different projects allow you to work on them at different times.
I also keep my cheap-o camera in my back pocket all day snapping photos so I can blog about it, which is why my photography lacks, it's jammed in between the blur of paint, glue and peanut butter and jelly.

With this also, I try to keep balance.  If my son is eating his lunch slowly and I know it will be a while before I can clean up his mess, I'll force myself to first unload the dishwasher, then measure and cut the cardboard for my bulletin board all the while standing at the counter talking to him.

Depending on the project and the age of your kids, some projects just can't be done with kids around.  Like coating furniture with polyurethane.
But sanding a dresser outside while he rides his bike was fun and he liked helping put the hardware and screws in the trash for me.
Or when I painted these little signs, I got my son a paper paper plate of paint for him, and sat next to him with my paint.  So we paint together, and yes I have a huge mess on his side to clean up at the end, but I got a project done and he had a blast painting with mom.  I'd take breaks and help him paint specific shapes, etc.
It surprises me how much a 2 year old can actually help, so I imagine older kids if they're interested could do a lot. 

Some things I just need my husband's help to help me screw on doors, or screw frames on the walls, etc.  My husband doesn't mind helping me with those things, but not really fun for him.

But recently when we made the side table, coffee table, console table, and bench, we built them together.  It was at night after we'd put our son to bed, but they were our date nights.  Kind of lame date? Probably compared to some, but we actually had a lot of fun working and creating things together.
Rhett and I built furniture and ate ice cream late at night together for a few dates.

WARNING: There is a danger of involving your spouse, he'll get mad when you slop your way through the paint job on the furniture you built together, so you don't have complete control like your used to on being as sloppy as you need to.

Which brings me to probably my biggest tip:

I think a lot of people are just worried to try things because they are worried it won't be perfect.
Well I don't think anything I've ever made is perfect, so if you can, plan on it having little ugly problems, and just jump in. 
Don't let fear of imperfection prevent you from trying at all.
I'm so flattered with comments that compliment me as being "talented".  I don't think anything I've ever made has taken talent--more a necessity to save money by making it myself and courage to try something new.  I got that from my mom.
I'm probably a lot sloppier than most people, or I'm satisfied with adequate.
So I'm not saying you should be sloppy, but I get a lot more done letting the little things go and moving on.  I think most of the time no one really notices.  Like with my paint job on the bench--my husband was asking if this is how I always work, knowing things could be better and just not caring.  Yes.  He's a perfectionist and I'm a slob that gets stuff done.
But I understand if you'll hate your project and only see the imperfections and need it to be perfect to enjoy it.  I'd say just plan on some things not being perfect, and focus on the great things you made/ changed/ improved rather than the small insignificant things that will go unnoticed.
Granted, sometimes you have a big flop and the only thing it's good for is the trash, or the dress-up box.

I've been able to post a boat load of projects recently because...

1. My husband has been between graduating school and just started his new job, and was home all day for 4 weeks, so lots of help and he'd take our son fishing a lot leaving me lots of project time.
He's back to work and you'll see a dramatic decrease in finished projects.

2. The huge projects like painting all the walls, doors, kitchen cabinets were done in a wild fury of 3 days while Grandma had our son.  We closed on the house Tues morning and went to Home Depot from the title company and bought paint.  We were taping/ painting over 12 hours a day until Friday afternoon to get all of that done before we moved in, which is why I look like bonch in the photo.  We worked hard.

3. Many of these house projects have been in the process of being worked on since April, so it took me 3 months in some cases to put all the 5 min. steps together to get it finished.

4. I'm  a total home body.  I'm annoyed when I have to leave my house, even to go buy groceries and run errands.  So I love to be home, and thus projects are always there to be done.
I also don't really watch TV unless I'm folding laundry or we're watching a movie as a family.  I guess I'm blogging instead in that area.

Hope this helps anyone trying to get a project done and add any more additional tips you have found help!


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