Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thrifted Cake Stand

This is not an original idea at all.
I've sure you've seen lots of crafters taking glass and glue to make cake or cupcake stands.

I chose this glass plate for $.50.  It looked interesting.
I also just grabbed a candle stick for another $.50 that looked in good condition.

After throwing them in the dishwasher, I glued the candlestick to the bottom of the glass plate with Epoxy glue.  It's one of those super glues you mix then apply.  I think I found it in the paint section at Wal-Mart.

So if you're doing any holiday entertaining, $1.00 and some glue and get you a pretty little cake/ dessert stand.  I wish I had some delicious goodies to put on this for the pictures, but all I could find was a mint bite-size Milky Way--tasty, but not impressive.


  1. I have seen this done before - but yours is the best one I have seen! Plus - cheap!

  2. I love to make these for wedding gifts. After years of not having a cake stand, I have a wonderful custom one. So fun and easy.

  3. That plate is fantastic!! I've yet to come across a decent glass plate. I'm on the lookout though! I usually do these with smaller plates and use them as individual cupcake pedestals!

    Ok...gotta find a glass plate...that's REALLY pretty!

  4. My sister made a small version for me to use for tea parties. It is a lot of fun. Your cake stand turned out lovely.

  5. That is so adorable!!! What a great idea!!

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