Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

For Halloween this year, I made my 18 month old son a costume from the book: Where The Wild Things Are. He's Max in the wolf costume.

I used a pair of his winter pajamas as the pattern, and a hood from one of his jackets.
I wanted the costume to look like the illustrations from the book, so I made it with white fleece.
I debated about whether to make actual button holes to fasten the front of the costume, or to just sew a zipper with decorative buttons. I ended up adding the zipper, out of practicality--to make it a little warmer, and easier to get on and off.
For the whiskers, I used black pipe cleaners. After I finished, I liked the way they looked, but he's already pulled 3 off. So maybe there is a stronger alternative that doesn't pose as an eye gouging threat. I guess the fact some whiskers are missing adds character.
For the tail I just bought 6" of faux fur that was on sale and made the oval shaped tail, flipped it right side out, jammed a handful of batting inside, and attached it to the back center seam.
The hands and feet I just hemmed, although I had originally planned to make mittens with claw shapes at the end, then have them so they can flip up and velcro to the sleeve, to make it hands free. But just trying to get my little guy to wear mittens is a challenge, so I thought he'd never want them on and just fight them the whole time. I think I may make some white separate mittens to add to it for Halloween.
I also planned on attaching shoe covers to the legs. So it would have the claw toes, using elastic to go down under the arch of the shoe to hold it on. But kind of with the claw mittens, they'd probably always flip up, or make him trip, so practicality overpowered authenticity on this costume. I like it with his little sneakers too though.
The crown. I bought supplies to make a crown, but I don't know if I'll get to it. I was going to either attach it to the hood with velcro, or put elastic in it to keep it on, but I think he would hate it and pull it off, so maybe if he was older, we'd have a crown. Maybe I'll end up making one in the end afterall.

sliding down the hill on his bum

I think it's so cute from the back, with the tail dragging behind.
I had made a Moishe (or Carol in the movie, but that's the wrong name) backpack for him a while ago, but ended up selling it on etsy to another Wild Things fan. So I made him a new backpack for his trick or treating bag, and then to have for fun too. The face has a huge right cheek. I finished it and held it out to sew it on the backpack, and realized his face was all out of proportion. Oh well, he's a monster. Despite his skewed face, I liked the way it turned out. Somehow using my same sketch as the last two, this one turned out looking like a baby Moishe face to me. I also added a little dedication in the backpack, so I won't be tempted to sell it now that it is his.

I like this next one when he was falling a little and his tail is in the air.

Didn't want to pose with the book and pumpkins.
Throwing rocks with Papa into the river...this wild thing's favorite part of the day.

Picture with mom and her cheesy grin...and no make-up. Scary for Halloween! Yikes!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Soon to come:
Some Halloween mermaid tail costumes...commissioned for a super fun couple.

My son's Halloween costume: Max--King of the Wild THings!
And just for fun, his costume from last year:


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Painted Sign

On my family blog, I had a stalker giveaway, and the winning stalker chose a painted sign. They were all friends I knew, so not really true stalkers but it was fun. I hadn't painted a sign for a long time, so it was refreshing to paint since I've mainly been sewing for months. The sign is for a bedroom, and she sent me a photo of their bedding to give me ideas. I really liked the pattern on the large pillows, and used it as the border for the sign, with opposite colors.
The blue is a lot lighter than these photos almost looks turqoise, but in real life it's more of a cornflower light blue.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I don't scrapbook. But I do journal. The photos of my family go into photo albums. So to house all the little documents, cards, etc., I make journals.
We kind of had a long journey to have our first child, and through the process we had a little journal where we'd write our future baby notes. Then he was born and we kept it up, and write him letters as his journal/ memory book.
It has become such a treasure for us, and I hope once our son grows up he'll treasure it too. Of course my husband and I are the main contributors, but grandparents and cousins have written notes too. This is one of my favorites from our nephew who is 7.

As he gets older, it's a great place to hurry and jot down funny things he says, does. I keep it by my bed, and so lots of times I have to write stuff down on scraps, then just tape it in. I like keeping track of things this way, because it's casual and a funny story written on the back of a receipt won't ruin a cute scrapbook page. I just don't have time to make the pages all cute. It's all I can do to make the memories, and try my hardest to document them in a sloppy, casual, hand written form. I guess my focus is on the content rather than the appearance beyond the cover.


Obviously, to write to your kids in letter form to document their childhood, you could just buy a journal, or use a typical notebook, but I like the personalization of adding photos. Also, I'm on my second volume with my first child, so the photos throughout all his journals as he grows up will chronologically show him growing up, that will be cool when he's older I think.
So the project isn't that original or great, but here it is. It is super easy.
-Composition notebook (you can find them on sale for 3/$1 around back to school time)
-scrapbook paper, photos, paint, postcards, magazine clippings, etc.
-Mod Podge usually between $3-6 with different finishes, I have satin.
-sponge brush
-masking tape
-large envelope* optional for inside back cover

1. Cut out the paper to cover the front and back cover. Leave about 1/2 " extra along the edges to wrap around the page.

2. Spread glue evenly on notebook cover, glue paper down. Open notebook and fold paper over edges tightly. Secure on the inside cover with masking tape.

3. Repeat on back cover.

4. Cut another piece of paper for the inside front cover. Measure so it will cover all the masking tape. Glue inside cover in place.

5. For the back inside cover, I taped in an envelope, so it can hold cards, drawings, etc memorabilia.

6. Glue photos and or embellishments on front and back covers.

7. Seal outside covers with the mod podge. I did two coats, painting it one in even, thin layers. It is the consistency of glue, so it will streak on your photos with the white opaque layer, but don't worry it dries clear. Allow to dry 15-20 min and apply another coat.
The mod podge creates a durable, clear seal for your photos, and makes an inexpensive, personalized journal. I had everything on hand, so this project cost less than a dollar. You can get really creative with actual art, ink, collages, mixed media, etc.
My little sister made me a journal for my birthday and had hot glued puzzle pieces all over randomly, but two were linked up in the middle. She painted everything the same color except the two pieces were different, and wrote my name on one piece, and my husband's name on the other connected piece. She'll also do full out artwork on her journals. I take the easy way with just paper and photos, and mod podge on top so it will last.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trick or Treat Bags


Trick or Treat!

A customer ordered custom trick or treat totes to match the capes I made for her grandsons. Both have ribbon handles and are fully lined. I found a scrap of Halloween cotton print, so I added a little Halloween pocket for fun. I decided to made the body of the totes kind of hour-glass shaped, so it could hold a lot of candy in the bottom, but have a narrow top so it won't pour out as easily when they sit it down or something.
I made the baby superhero appliques to go on each tote.

It was kind of fun to make these...I always used pillow cases for trick or treating as a kid. I think I would have liked to have a tote with handles, because by the end of the night, I remember my hands being sore from gripping my loot, and I'd have to sling it over my back between houses as it got to heavy. I loved candy that much...suburbia is so great for trick or treating. Neighborhood after neighborhood, with homes close together. The worst would be a house with a huge staircase and after your hike you'd leave with only a stinking tootsie roll.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I quickly made an apron to sew in. All the little strings would cling to my clothes, especially all the satin strands I've been working with a lot lately. I also really needed pockets to hold my scissors, pen, cell phone, etc. Pretty trashy apron. I just serged the edges, but I did throw a baby quail applique on for fun. It is more like a butcher apron than a cooking apron, going past my knees and clear around my waist, almost joining in the back. Photos stink once again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009



Some new ideas I've been working on for little girl superheros. Oh and I couldn't forget...
I'm working on some really great Wonderwoman capes, blue/red/silver combos.


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