Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mobile for Nursery

I've been wanting to make a mobile for the nursery for a while. We have this corkscrew willow tree with really great branches that I planned on being the frames, but I couldn't figure out what to use as the hanging ornaments. His room is kind of jungle/ safari/ animal themed, so I thought about different bugs, but could never think of anything I could make.

But I got excited when I found these pods in our backyard. They were flower pods that dried up and hardened. I painted the inside green and the outside blue. I got little willow branches and wired them into 2 triangles. I hot glued the corners to help the wire hold it all together. To hang the two triangles, and all the pods, I used fishing line. The pods are so light any air movement makes them twirl, showing the different colors. It turned out better than I expected.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Church Tag Book

It is for a boy and ocean themed. Lobster, fish, sea turtle.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

$6 Raincoat!

I've been wanting a rain coat for a while, but I'm going out of town for the weekend and it became more important. I was having trouble finding any raincoats, apparently their season has come and gone. But luck had me try Old Navy, where I found this gianormous coat--XXL for $5.99, on clearance from $49.50 originally. Plus it was red!!! Because it was so cheap, I got it and decided to alter it. All I had to do was remove the belt loops and take the side seams in a ton (8") and the sleeves. In the end it worked out great because I have football shoulders so it ended up fitting the width of my shoulders, and it's the only coat/jacket I own with sleeves that actually go to my wrists--orangutan arms.
Also, notice the snow. That's right, May 15th it snowed 3".
Harry Dunne:
"You mean you've had those gloves the whole time?!?!"
Lloyd Christmas:
"....yeah. We're in the rockies."

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Skirt

This skirt was first inspired by THIS dress when I was looking around for sack dress ideas. I loved the box pleated strip on the neck line. I found this green floral print for $2/ yd. The skirt cost $4.00!! I used a skirt I already had for the pattern. So basically a normal A-line skirt with the pleat train around the hem.

I cut the skirt on the bias to help it hang better. Then measured the circumference/ length of the hem so I would know how long to make my pleat train. I tripled the hem length and cut a long strip 4.5" wide. I sewed it into a long tube--I think it was 190" long. Flipped it right side out and pressed the seam in the back of the tube. At this point you have a super long flat piece that is 2" high.

Next, pressing each pleat I made the face 2" wide tucking the fabric underneath, making box pleats. So each pleat should be a square on the front if I measured correctly. Pressing each pleat helped set it, and then I used masking tape to keep them together as I worked along the whole length of the strip. Once they were all pressed and taped, I basted along one side about 1/2" from the edge. This was probably the most time consuming step.

Then all you have to do is pin it to the skirt, I pinned the bottom of the pleat train 3" above hem. Top stitch over basting stitching to secure pleats to skirt. I zig-zagged a narrow white ribbon on top.

This was a quick project, finished in one evening after the baby went to sleep.

The best part is it was only $4.00. I think I'll do more with the pleat train idea.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Church Tag Book for Presley

My friend asked me to make her baby girl a tag book thing. I asked if she had specific colors in mind, or if there was an animal that reminded her of Presley. She said: "probably a hippo, but that's not very nice." So I hope the ballet hippo is cute--not mean.

Jewels & Name
I sewed thin satin ribbon down for name, and free quilted around it.

Buttons & Hippo
My favorite part is the blue tutu that sticks up off the rest of the body.

Bead Sliders & Butterflies
I liked the pink fleece because the flowers are raised and have good texture for little hands. The butterfly wings are 3-D folding off the page.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sack Dress

Now that I am done nursing (HOORAY!) and don't have to wear shirts/skirts, I thought I'd treat myself to a dress. Most of my dresses are empire waists so I wanted something different. I LOVE eyelet. I found this lavender for $2/yd so that was sweet. I also have teal and sand colored eyelet that I don't know what to do with.
A sack dress appealed to me because it isn't fitted, so when I sit down I won't see my fat rolls on my gut. Also, I wanted a light, casual, fun summer dress that is overall COMFORTABLE. Because the nature of wearing a sack isn't too flattering, I didn't want it to look like a maternity tent. I don't know if I succeeded, maybe it still does look like a maternity tent, but it is comfortable and so it works. The yoke and pleats seemed on all the photos to help make it more shapely without turning it into a fitted dress. I used this pattern: Simplicity 2933 and I'm a novice at using patterns and I survived, despite a few calls to my mom to answer questions. I added pockets in the side seams, I love dresses with pockets for some reason.
Anyway, I'd recommend this pattern for a comfy spring/summer dress. It takes less than 2 yards of fabric, so pretty inexpensive. It cost me:
-$6 for fabric (I had to have lining because eyelet has holes, so double the fabric)
-$.50 fusible interfacing
-$1.99 for pattern (Hancock fabrics have great pattern sales around Easter)
So about $8.50 to make this sack. If I'd selected a fabric that didn't require a second layer it could have been $5.50!

In my google image search I saw a lot of people that throw a belt on top of sack dresses, but I am ruler shaped and that would accomplish nothing I think....but do I really know about fashion and how to wear flattering clothes? Not really, I want to wear sacks as an alternative to sweats.

Front Back
Be glad I chopped my head off so you could be spared.


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