Saturday, November 7, 2009

Swimming Suit 1 of 3


This was the easiest to make, just a shirt. The shorts I already wrote about. I chose to use some blue/green lycra from my other takini top as contrast on the rashguard shirt. For the pattern, I just used a regular stretch knit tee that fits a little snug. I had to just create the sleeve to what I wanted, since I chose to make them the baseball seams.

I don't know that we really needed the protection of rashguards, we were only boogie boarding, but I do know I was glad to have it on to prevent sunburns.

I LOVED boogie boarding. I wish I knew how to surf, or lived close enough to waves to learn. I had such a blast boogie boarding, I can't imagine how fun real surfing must be!

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Lena said...

You have inspired me again (I only found your blog last week and I'm up to sewing my 3rd piece of clothing). I made a long sleeve rashie out of some thrift shop fabric I found for $3. Because I live in a very hot, sunny part of the world I had to make it long sleeve to keep the sun off. Thanks again for posting.
Brisbane, Australia.


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