Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pencil Skirt

I just finished a skirt for my cousin, Stephanie. It's a high waisted pencil skirt for her to wear to our other cousin's wedding this week. I liked the fabric she chose.


The Toland's said...

It looks so wonderful!! And love the clips you added...hummm I totally forgot I prob. needed those. Thank you so much...your the best!! I will be the HOTTEST one there!

The Toland's said...

.....even hotter then Di..................ok maybe not!

Staci said...

that is so fabulous! I love it! You did a great job Jess. I wish you could come..I can still get you buddy passes to fly to LA for $60 round trip if you want to come.

***** said...

The skirt did look fabulous on Steph. Great job Jessica! Di's dress was a little more copmplicated and a couple more dollars too. We missed you. It would have been fun to hang out with you.


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