Easter Skirt

11:44 PM

This skirt was first inspired by THIS dress when I was looking around for sack dress ideas. I loved the box pleated strip on the neck line. I found this green floral print for $2/ yd. The skirt cost $4.00!! I used a skirt I already had for the pattern. So basically a normal A-line skirt with the pleat train around the hem.

I cut the skirt on the bias to help it hang better. Then measured the circumference/ length of the hem so I would know how long to make my pleat train. I tripled the hem length and cut a long strip 4.5" wide. I sewed it into a long tube--I think it was 190" long. Flipped it right side out and pressed the seam in the back of the tube. At this point you have a super long flat piece that is 2" high.

Next, pressing each pleat I made the face 2" wide tucking the fabric underneath, making box pleats. So each pleat should be a square on the front if I measured correctly. Pressing each pleat helped set it, and then I used masking tape to keep them together as I worked along the whole length of the strip. Once they were all pressed and taped, I basted along one side about 1/2" from the edge. This was probably the most time consuming step.

Then all you have to do is pin it to the skirt, I pinned the bottom of the pleat train 3" above hem. Top stitch over basting stitching to secure pleats to skirt. I zig-zagged a narrow white ribbon on top.

This was a quick project, finished in one evening after the baby went to sleep.

The best part is it was only $4.00. I think I'll do more with the pleat train idea.

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  1. I love it!!! Ok I have a question to ask you....if I got you the fabric and the pattern could you make me a pencil skirt? haha I fell in love with these skirts on etsy and they are really plain and simple pencil skirts that are made with funky vintage fabric but the girl is charging a butt load for them. And I envy anyone who can make clothing (because I CANT). And you and Lanetty are so freaking good at it. what is your email and I will email more info. and pic.s to what I am talking about. Please let me know if you can do it? Thanks a bunch doll and love you!

  2. I'm becoming an avid reader since everything you post is really great. I love this cute skirt and I think the dress is wonderful too.
    Not to mention that amazing hippo.
    What a treat to see your great ideas.

  3. Such a darling skirt...I want to see a photo of you wearing it. Where are your family Easter pics? Did you make your boys their clothes that day too? I am sure you all looked sparkling. summer


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