$6 Raincoat!

9:41 PM

I've been wanting a rain coat for a while, but I'm going out of town for the weekend and it became more important. I was having trouble finding any raincoats, apparently their season has come and gone. But luck had me try Old Navy, where I found this gianormous coat--XXL for $5.99, on clearance from $49.50 originally. Plus it was red!!! Because it was so cheap, I got it and decided to alter it. All I had to do was remove the belt loops and take the side seams in a ton (8") and the sleeves. In the end it worked out great because I have football shoulders so it ended up fitting the width of my shoulders, and it's the only coat/jacket I own with sleeves that actually go to my wrists--orangutan arms.
Also, notice the snow. That's right, May 15th it snowed 3".
Harry Dunne:
"You mean you've had those gloves the whole time?!?!"
Lloyd Christmas:
"....yeah. We're in the rockies."

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  1. Wonderful!! I love the red. I am sick of the freaking snowwww!

  2. You are kidding! You are opening up the world of "clearance" to me in a whole new way. I just altered my first shirts this week with the help of my sister and I'm getting all kinds of confidence. Thanks for sharing. What a deal!


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