Sunday, December 21, 2008

Homemade Gift-O-Rama

For my mom.

My mom has made many wedding dresses over the years and never documented them. So I had the idea to scrounge up as many as I could so she could have a collection of all her work. It took a couple months to locate the brides and get the photos from them, but I'm glad she'll have all but one dress together in a book.

I made a similar book for my husband's parents for last Christmas that has more in depth steps if you are interested. I made this one similarly, but I didn't antique it with shoe polish and ripping pages.

The outside is covered with a scrap of satin left from my own wedding dress and the trim around the title is from my friend's wedding dress made in 2006.

I hacked out the pages of the text book between my pages and used the extracted paper to make each individual page...does that make sense? (I glued 3 or 4 pages together, then cut like 8 pages out of the binding with an exacto knife to give room in the binding for my additional pages. The paper cut out of the binding I spray painted to make the pages.)

I decided to only attach the photos and background stuff to the page by sewing. So all the photos sketches, tissue patterns, lace, trim, was sewn to the paper and I even left some of the threads long hanging off the page.

I made each page and then glued it to the book. I didn't take pictures of the inside covers, but I made collages of sketches, patterns, photos and swatches and covered them with white net. So you can see stuff beneath the net, but not clearly. I guess in my mind it reminded me of a veil or something. Also, her three daughters wrote notes about her and what her sewing talents have meant/ contributed to our lives.

I think that is it that I can think of that went into this book. Except for one of the best things was the sketch. I was browsing through my Mom's old patterns of wedding dresses and found on one, a sketch she'd made. So I copied it to put in the book as a background piece and realized as I was going along that it was the sketch of her little sister's wedding gown. I was excited to have a copy of her actual sketch with the actual dress from the 1980s, and it just so happened the bridal photo is posed just as she sketched the dress. What a gem!!! It's the red page.

A huge thanks to all the brides who took the time to dig through their wedding albums and get their pictures to me. I really appreciate it!

More Gifts

for my in-laws
I scrounged for family wedding photos. The center photo is my in-laws wedding photo. The bride's parents are on the right from 1928 and the left photo is the groom's (my father-in-law) parent's wedding picture from I think the early 1930s.

So Rhett's parents and both grandparents wedding photos all in one frame I found at a great deal from Smiths Marketplace.

The black thin border around each photo isn't a mat....I used electrical tape to outline the photos. I guess a little of my white trash works its way into every project I do.

The Beginning of Homemade Christmas Gifts

for my sister.
text painted in white, then with diluted elmer's glue the glitter is attached, then sealed to stay on.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Gift

My friend had a new baby and I made this for her girl's room.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

baby sign

Fat Feet

When your baby has feet that are so fat he can't wear shoes.....
Baby Moccasins/ Slippers!

Our little guy's feet are so fat, no shoes are tall enough to accommodate his rolls and he's been wearing out socks running around the house in his walker. My mom had a sack of small leather scraps she let me use to make some moccasin slippers. We made a rough pattern out of scrap fabric and I sewed the scraps of leather onto the pattern. Using ribbing for the ankle, they turned out OK. They ended up being a too big, and sewing the sole to the top of the shoe with right sides together and flipping it right-side-out made the seams too thick with all the leather and they are lumpy looking on the edges. My dad saw them and said: "these are like mod podge Indian shoes".
If I make more, I would use a different pattern and attach the leather for the sole differently.


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