Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Room

My mom planned this project, got all the supplies and pretty much did it all with me helping a little bit. It was kind of a surprise project when she came to visit me when I had the baby and it was a nice distraction for the week we waited before I went into labor.
The base of each letter is a chunk of plywood. The backgrounds are the leftover fabrics from the quilt she made for the crib. Originally the zebra print didn't fit because the white was too bright compared to the rest, so she dyed it with a cheap tea bag. We used a hot glue gun to glue the fabric to the wood. The letters she got at Robert's crafts. The edges were painted red, then the whole letters were painted white. Sanding the edges showed the little red edge. We glued red gross-grain ribbon around the borders.

The room for the baby was a bright salmon that was brighter than intended and glowed out off the walls. My niece helped paint the room a neutral tan. For some reason I really like painting.


I have been planning to make nursery items out of junk for months. Here are a few of the initial finished projects.
First of all...a dresser.

My parents had this old definitely used dresser no one was using. So I luckily found at Home Depot, a can of "oops paint". Oops paint is usually near the paint mixing counter and they are $5/gallon, $1/qt of different kinds and colors. I have a problem with buying paint, so every time I find myself in Home Depot I check out the oops paint. This brick red paint is for decks & floors, so perfect for a dresser to be resistant to scuffs. I took off the hardware and did lightly sand the dresser before painting it.
Next, little name blocks. As a baby gift, someone have us these blocks with our baby's initials. I painted them from natural wood to match the rest of the baby blocks I've made.

Lastly, I really wanted a lamp. It surprises me how expensive lamps can be, and it's fun to make one out of junk so I found this round green beauty at the local thrift store for $3.
I spray painted it white to get a clean canvas and then painted a simple scene with giraffes. The nursery theme is animals I guess, and my mom made a quilt and in it there was this reddish giraffe print that I LOVE. So it became the inspiration for a lot of projects.
It was a challenge to paint on such a spherical shape because I was worried if I made the giraffes too tall, or too high, all their heads would converge at the top and at the bottom.

After painting it, I was sealing it with an aerosol matte finish, and on the front of the lamp, it bubbled up and pulled the paint away. SO FRUSTRATING! I and used a straight razor to cut out the bubbled paint and re-painted the area. When I sealed it for the last time, I was more careful about the thickness of the spray.

For the lampshade, I found a square, small one for $7 at Target. Using the fabric that I guess has become the theme of the room, I cut strips and hot glued them 1" thick on the top and bottom of the lamp shade.

Above the dresser is the painting from the book, My Father's Dragon I did a while ago


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