Woodland Animal Costume Sewing Pattern

10:11 PM

Finally after a few years, I got all my favorite costumes I created for my son in one sewing pattern!

It started with a little white wolf.

With an easy zip front, comfortable design and no extra accessories, this was the perfect Halloween costume for our little guy!  
You can choose to make it out of a warmer fabric like fleece if you live in colder climates, or make it cool with a lighter cotton.  It's not unusual for us to trick-or-treat in the snow, so being able to layer under the costume is a feature we love--who wants to cover their costume with a coat!

Next came the bear.

Then most recently, we added the Tricky Fox!
Featuring over sized standing ears, white tipped tail and dyed lower arms and legs!

 Now all our favorite costumes are available for you to make at home!

This PDF pattern includes:

-pattern for four sizes: 18 months, 2Toddler, 3 Toddler, and 4 Toddler 

-40 page PDF print at home full scale pattern ( 5.9 MB)
-pattern pieces print on 26 pages of regular 8.5" x 11" paper (instructions to arrange and create pattern pieces are included)
-three variations of animals: fox, bear, wolf
-color photographs with step by step instructions for experienced beginner to intermediate sewists *probably not a first-time sewing project
-video demonstration: pattern includes web addresses to view additional video instruction of certain steps to further assist beyond photographs and text
-tips on my methods to create Max from Where the Wild Things and Ewok inspired costumes

-both imperial units (ft/in) and metric units (cm/ m) included throughout pattern

Supplies Needed:
- fabric: you can use cottons, fleece, faux fur and anything else that doesn't have a lot of stretch
        specific yardage is given in pattern according to size, between 1.25 yards (1m) and 2 yards (1.8m) 
-zipper: 12 or 14 inches long depending on size
-polyfil polyester batting: less than 2lb bag (fox and wolf only)
-fusible interfacing: 7" (18cm) (fox only)
-optional black fabric dye (fox only)
-sewing machine, measuring tape, scissors, pins, thread

This pattern is a PDF file instant download. Make sure the email address listed in your Paypal profile is  accurate, as the instant download link will be sent to that email address From there you can just download the pattern to your computer instantly or at your convenience at a later time.

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All patterns, photos, and instructions in this pattern are the property of Jessica Kelly. 
All rights reserved. Reproduction not permitted.
Woodland Animal Patter Copyright © 2011 Jessica Kelly. 

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  1. Jessica - this is simply amazing! I HAD to feature it as one of the top patterns on SewSet today! Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Hi Jessica I was wondering what material you used for the fox costume? I'm making the costume for my son who will be 19 months, so something that can be layered will be great! Do you think if would work with fleece?

  3. Melly:
    The white wolf and ewok are made with fleece, I just don't hem the wrists or ankles since they won't fray and it would be really thick.
    Good luck!

  4. Hi Jessica, I was wondering what material the fox was made of?

  5. I used a poly/cotton blend broadcloth for the fox. I made it in the summer, so I wanted it lighter. The ewok and Max wolf were from fleece to be warm for Halloween.
    **Due to the poly blend in the fox, it didn't accept the dye that well, more of a stain than a dye if you're planning on dying the black forepaws, a 100% cotton will hold the dye well

  6. Love your blog! Had a lot of fun making the fox costume and my wee one loves it. Check out my blog post on why I <3 PDF patterns. Features your woodland animal costume. http://ow.ly/ew6wE

  7. Just made the fox for my three and a half year old son on Saturday night and he is in love with it! (Me too!). It has been worn more than any other costume of record in our house. He's sleeping in it as I type this. Now my seven year old wants one in her size, except she wants to be a bunny. Thank you for a great (and easy!) pattern. I see more woodland animals in our future!

  8. Hi, I made the fox costume and we really love it! My son would wear it night and day! I made some pictures, you can check them out on my blog!
    Thanks for the pattern!

  9. Thank you very much. Your posting is very great.

  10. Hello Jessica! First off I just have to say fantastic job! I have never sewed in my life and wish I could! I have to find a fox costume for my daughter who is playing Slightly the lost boy in a Peter Pan musical and they have given us a week and a half to do this. This would have been perfect if I could sew. Let me know if you ever decide to make these and sell them, I am sure many would agree they are amazing and worth the buy for someone like me. :)

  11. Hello - love this fox pattern! Has anyone ever graded this up to fit ages 7 - 9 ? Any advice?

  12. Hello! I am sewing a tiger costume for my nephew, and I would love to adapt your fox costume. I like the hooded style so much. However, he is 6 years old, so I need a larger pattern. Any chance you have adapted the pattern for a bigger size? Thank you!

    1. Kim:
      I'm sorry, I don't have larger sizes on this pattern. If you feel comfortable adapting, you could extend the waist to your nephews length along with the sleeves leg length. The largest size in the pattern is pretty roomy, so an average 6 year old should work for the shoulders waist, and all those seams. Good luck and what a great aunt!

    2. Thanks! I think I'm going to try adapting the size myself. I hope it works!

  13. Hello! Thanks for sharing. I want to sew a Fox for my son and bought the pattern. I was wondering if the Pattern is in- or exclusive seam allowance? I couldn't find a Note in the description.
    Thank you! I can't wait to see my litte tomboy in this costume!

    1. Thanks for your purchase! The seam allowance is already included in each pattern piece. No burda craziness where you have to add your own!

  14. Hello! Roughly how much do all the materials cost? I am hoping to make this for my 4 year old.


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